Judgey-Wudgey: Cannes 2011 Day 5

Keeping up with the stars and their sartorial choices in Cannes, a festival that, like the Oscars, is becoming as renowned for fashion as movies.

Some interesting looks from photocalls on day five were:

Director Jennifer Westfeldt and husband and actor Jon Hamm at the photo call for her movie 'Friends With Kids'. Sickeningly perfect combination of good looks, talent and ability to wear white.

Younger sister of the Olsen twins, Elizabeth Olsen at the photo call for her movie ' Martha Marcy May Marlene'. Gorgeous 20s inspired layered lace dress from her sisters' The Row label. The Olsen philosophy is looser clothes than hang away from the body. This dress is gorgeous but I think she's a little young for it and looks like she's playing dress up. This would be perfect on Uma. Also those black flats are uninspiring. Flats are appropriate but white or a pale metallic would have been better.

Girl of the moment, Fan Bing Bing again is perfection in Elie Saab 2010. Who ever is styling her is knocking it out of the park. Fan has dazzled at every event she's attended at Cannes so far. This deep red one-shoulder draped gown is so gorgeous and the lack of jewelry and the simply styled hair really tone this down to a striking day look. Such an artistic look. Love it.

Moving along to evening events there were premieres and parties galore. Here are the highs and lows of celebrity styling:

The classic featured Cecile de France failed to impress in this, well look at the premiere for 'The Kid with a Bike'. I'll start with the positive, the hair is stunning. A simple look would have sufficed given her breathtaking looks and this statement hair styling. From the neck down things just nose dive. I dredged the internet to try to find out who made this look but understandably no one seems to want to take responsibility for this odd get up. I don't think I need to rip into each piece. It's all weird.

Elizabeth Olsen made it a double wearing her sister's The Row label on the red carpet for the premiere for her movie, 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'. Again the dress is stunning, a simpler look than her daytime white lace. I love the heavy sequined top with the simple split skirt. She has a gorgeous figure, a change from the ultra skinny, overly toned that has become the norm for young actresses. Elizabeth has a soft healthy glow. My qualm with this look was the playing dress-up vibe. Had she not adorned herself with that 20s flapper head-piece this would have been more elegant and less costumey. I must say I am impressed with her support of her sisters' line as well as the line itself. Watch this space.

The big premiere of the evening was the premiere of 'The Artist'. Few of the following were in the actual movie but there are pretty dresses so let's proceed.

'The Artist' actress Berenice Bejo went left by wearing a black tux, complete with cummerbund and white shirt. She looked stunning and very sexy but the waist looks like an actual men's cummerbund and combined with the shirt, she looks so bulky on top. I would have loved a deep v-necked silk blouse or camisole in white or ivory. She got so much right here I have to give it to her for being bold.

It's no wonder how Fan Bing Bing is a successful actress and model. She is a real chameleon. SHe manages to transform herself in every look but the dress never wears her. This purple and pink ombre gown is by Atelier Versace and is one of the stand out looks of the festival thus far. My only criticism is that her hair kind of matches the top of the bodice a little to closely. Both are gorgeous, just not together.

Korean actress and model Gianna Jun is beautiful in this Ralph Lauren gown. I like this look but it's very simple. Especially following Fan Bing Bing.

Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor gave Bing Bing a run for her money in this striking Jean Paul Gaultier 2009 gown. I really like how much stars have gone to designer archives this year. I think it's due to so many red carpet events globally. 2011 spring summer dresses have been worn to death and designers are debuting their fall looks with big names only. Anyway back to the dress. It's so fabulously quirky and voluminous. Love the single shoulder pad and bum padding details.

Chinese actress and singer, Li Bing Bing stole the show in this George Chakra gown. It's a fine featured, elegant woman who can carry off a gown this pouffy. It's really her Asian looks and that sophisticated centre-split hair that pulls this look back from Cinderella-ville.

Last but not least was Anne Sophie Lapix doing men's tailoring chic. I love this look. The hair is kept simple and loose which feminises the look. She went all white with accessories. I only wish she's remembered to take of her watch. This is a look that could be easily copied in black or grey with more texture and colour in the accessories. My favourite of the day.

More Cannes fashion from day six with big names coming up!

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