Judgey-Wudgey: 2011 MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards is the annual opportunity for young actresses to look older by dressing slutty and for older actresses to look younger by dressing slutty. Expect tight, short and shiny dresses with odd-looking platform shoes.

So without further adieu, let's judge. 

No better example than Amanda Bynes in Herve Leger bandage dress. I'll give it to her, everyone and their mother has been wearing a coloured/print look with nude shoes. Amanda chose a nude dress that actually looks like a undergarment for a 40-year-old and paired it with turquoise (ick) tassled (ick) peeptoe (yawn) platform (yawn) shoes by Christian Louboutin (yawn). I'm so over both designers trademark pieces displayed here and on any celebrity who stands still for 5 seconds.

With a spectacular scandal going on and the media on hers (and Leo DiCaprio's) heels, Blake Lively needed to turn the sexy down. This is her turning the sexy down. She chose Michael Kors but asked for a size down given it covers most of the thigh. Not feeling the stacked boho-bangles with this look. It called for some clean and modern accessorizing.

Good old Cameron Diaz in Philip Lim 3.1. She knows how to show the young ones how it's done when you're slowly making your way over the Hollywood hills. Permatan. Short, tight, shiny and black. It's desperate with a dash of classy. Love the hair and the shoes.

An adorable mini-star, Elle Fanning (sister of Dakota). A cute floral playsuit by D&G with floral wedges. So appropriate for a 16-year-old. Only she's 13. Thank God the hair and make-up were kept young and fresh...given that at her age she shouldn't even be styling her face or hair. Only on an MTV red carpet will you see both a 13-year-old and a 38-year-old in short playsuits.

One of my favourite looks of the evening. Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta. Loving these deeper oranges with black lace. So unusual. Also she's given up the blonde ambition and gone back to her natural colour. 

It's short, it's got more sequins and embellishments than all the Olympic figure skating competitors combined. It's Emma Watson in Marchesa. And some silver stripper shoes. Poor thing is going through the in-between stage of growing out the pixie-cut. 

Gossip Girl's Jessica Sohr has me on the fence with this...whatever it is by Alice + Olivia. I like the print. I like the silhouette. I just don't like it combined. There is something disturbing about the lining up of the big paisley over where her ovaries would be and the 'paisley marks the spot' over her special purpose.

Need I even comment on this one? I go as far to say Kristen Stewart in Balmain. To think they rarely lend out their stuff to actresses for the red carpet.

It's a double header for Balmain. Here we have Leighton Meester adorned in every girl's fantasy, a broken mirror dress. This is something Lady Gaga would wear to bed. I just don't think edgy fashion suits such a classically beautiful girl.  The dress has enough going on without the torture chamber shoes.

This is Reece Witherspoon's vision of edgy. Nothing is working for me here. The Zac Posen Flintstone dress. The nothing nude shoes. Blah.

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  1. LOL about Emma Watsons hair and Jessica Sohr's ovaries :)