Judgey-Wudgey: InStyle Summer Soiree - Part Deux

The InStyle Summer Soiree is a mid-summer event for celebrities with little to promote to get some media exposure. These days just being 'in' in fashion is enough to warrant a slew of fashion/gossip mentions (case in point, you're reading it). We've checked out the first hoard of starlets using their sharpened elbows and shiny clothes to steal the limelight. Let's get on with it.

Diane Kruger. My eyes are sore from rolling around trying to find a place to settle on this look. I get the menswear fashion statement but she was part of the catering staff at the event. Also those shoes are a total mystery.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. I hate this. A sparkly brown sack. That length with the nude shoes make her legs look like tree trunks. Sorry but it has to be said. She's overdressed and under made-up.  

Abagail Spencer. Interesting. I like the juxtaposition of the Super-Virgin cape with the S&M shoes.

Amanda Rigetti. Oh Jesus, no. I intensely hate this look. Iridescent fabrics should be outlawed. So should shoes that are a danger to the wearer and the eyes of the viewer.

Emmanuelle Vaugier. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Vomit, vomit, vomit.

Erica Christensen. I like this dress a lot. It's chic and girly. I wish she'd worn a black shoe. And not gone to the same hair person as Diane Kruger. I am OVER this frizzy, thrown up hair on the red carpet. The public deserves better.

Sarah Silverman 'does fashion'. Ha ha, Sarah. We get the joke. Fashion people wear odd looking stuff that doesn't seem to go together and pose at events. You look stupid.

Raven-Symone. I'm going to avoid the all-too easy witch/Halloween gags and go straight to, 'Honey you look like a short tranny'. She has a great figure and shouldn't be hiding under that tent. More close-toed platform shoes at a summer event - what is going on, world?

Michaela Conlin. Absolutely adorable in every way. The colour palette is so unusual but still summer and event appropriate. I want those shoes. And that bag. You might as well give me the dress too.

Crystal Reed. Who is flogging the super-clunk shoes at this event? Is it sponsored by 'Corrective Footwear For Her'?

Jenna Elfman. I alway like to finish with a Jenna Elfman. She seems intent on hiding her shape and perplexing fashion bloggers. I love her hair, so smart and edgy.  The shoes are truly hiddy. 

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