Judgey-Wudgey: Venice Film Festival Day 3

This festival is really hotting up in terms of fashion and celebrity. If I knew it'd be this fabulous I'd have blacked out the windows and stocked up the drinks cabinet. So coffee (I swear) in hand, let's look at the stand out press and premiere looks of the day. 

As much as her slapped-arse-posey face makes me want to rip my eyeballs out, I was pleased to see Kiera Knightley bring some top-flight fashion to the plate on the third day of the festival. 

Here to promote her movie 'A Dangerous Method', Kiera wore a Mary Katrantzou dress to her day time photocall. This is utterly amazing. Mary's distinctive prints aren't seen about much (yet) but she is a name to watch. Google her to see her jewelled perfume bottle dresses. Incredible stuff. So Keira has fashion chops. I get it, I accept it but one thing - she's an actress who needs to lose a some confidence. Her smugness (mostly channeled through her face) seems to know no bounds. IN MY OPINION.

Co-star Sarah Gadon did her best to stand out at the photocall by representing 'Autumn' through the medium of red carpet posing. Did she go into a stylist and say, 'get me everything you can find in 'Falling Leaves'? These colours are just too tonal with her hair for my liking.

Screen legend Monica Bellucci gave us her best office fabulous at her photocall for 'Un Ete Brulant'. Honestly I love the menswear trend but it does a curvy knockout no favours. She should have lost the white tee and buttoned the jacket to accentuate those numbers.

I don't know if it's the eastern or western girls who didn't get the memo on photocall dress codes but I'm not complaining at these two gorgeous looks on Charlene Choi and Shengyi Huang at 'The Sorcerer and the White Snake' press call. Both of these gowns are evening premiere-worthy but I can see each one's relevance for day. 

Last of the day girls were Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Winslet, promoting 'Mildred Pierce'. Love it. Chic androgyny for mum and daughter. Two beautiful, strong women keeping it simple. 

At the 'A Dangerous Method' premiere Kiera Knightley looked great in Valentino Fall 2011 but who wouldn't, in fairness. My problem is that the dank hair drags this amazing dress down. There is a fine line between minimizing hair and accessories to let the dress speak for itself and looking like you threw the dress on straight after the gym. That's the trouble with suffering from high self-esteem - fuck all objectivity.

Sarah Gadon went with a much better jewel tone for her evening look. A bit understated for a premiere but she did give 'the girls' a little window to say hi to the crowds. 

Over at 'Un Ete Brulant' Monica showed us that she does have the va-va-voom in a classic black lace overlay gown. I'm glad that kick skirt falls and is not propped up mermaid-style. That, I am so over. Love that her wrap is attached to the dress leaving her arms free to wave, shake hands and sign autographs. Girl's gotta work!

'The Scorcerer and the White Snake' girls were the fashion equivalent of the 'Black & White' scotch dogs on the premiere red carpet. All joking aside they are striking together and it's no accident how well the gowns compliment each other. Feathers are really making a comeback, along with old Hollywood glamour. DEE-vine.

My favourite looks of the day were at the 'Mildred Pierce' screening. Kate Winslet backed another British designer Stella McCartney. This dress goes beyond body-con, it's body-pro-max. She is like a modern statuette in this monochromatic dress. I love the curved cut in the shoulders and how it gives her Jessica Rabbit proportions. 

Evan Rachel Wood was a dream again in Alessandra Rich. Similar textures to her day one white gown, this dress is just chic personified. The column skirt with side split avoids being cliche as it's not tight and cut up to her knickers. I love the thin band and heavy sixties eye make-up. This is a credible fashion star on the rise.

Coming up: Gucci and women in cinema.

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