Judgey-Wudgey: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

What is the purpose of this event, you ask? Well, the event name is pretty self-evident – fashion people drinking free clear coloured alcohol while air-kissing and bitchy side-glancing.

In the race to win most stylish and sexy and smart and successful on the red carpet everyone forgot that it's frikkin' winter!

Yes, it's an evening event but COME ON. I don’t want to see skimpy cotton dresses and popping summer colours in November. Rich luxe, moody colours and a bit of sparkle, please.

Rooney Mara gives us the latest in death-warmed-up-chic. The bitch pulls the hard/soft look off but that dress has 'down south' fan-and-ice-tea-in-hand written all over it.

Olivia Wilde clearly didn’t get the memo from mother nature. Broderie anglaise in November. I’m not surprised she got it wrong - given that I hate almost everything she wears.

Tory Burch Christopher Kane loved this until I saw the wavy gel patches on the hips. I repeat WAVY GEL PATCHES ON THE HIPS.

Model Joan Smalls plays sexy 70’s housewife in a short but disgusting zip up print house pinnie.

Coco Rocha the girl with a million teeth shows she is interesting by dressing up a cute day dress with an ugly and and ugly shoes for an evening event hosted by the boggest fashion magazine in the world. That’s an over-inflated fashion ego for you.

Liya Kebede I want to like this but it is just too summery. Go home, dye it black and you’re best dressed of the night.

I desperatedly want to like Mia Wasikowska's dress but that hem is too mature for her. Young actresses should at least show their knees.

Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter looked like she was on her way home after a wild night - a la walk of shame.

Rebecca Romijn you are not a young actress. Granted you have an amazing figure but over up a little. You have children. Think of young Hollywood. They need you to piss off and age ungracefully.

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