Before I get on to more looks from the Critics' Choice Awards, there are a few looks to be weighed in from the previous evening's People's Choice.

Attention-seeking is as attention-seeking does, and no one does it better than Glee girl, Lea Michele. If she's not baring her sternum down to the naval, she's got those high-kicking stage school legs out for all and sundry to ogle.

How could she do this to Elie Saab, and how could the creator of twinkly dreams agree to do this to one of its gowns. It's SO BAD. Sheer boobs, crotch-skimming hemline, rendered in hot pink. Not classy.

Adding insult to injury, the pre-weave messy corn-row 'do defies comprehension.

Is that the nastiest thing you've ever seen on a red carpet (Ke$ha included)?
Lea had her rivals in what-the-fuckery on the red carpet. The English rose so desperate to be one of the grwon-ups, Emma Watson, almost got out the 'good china' for the press in a mini-dress by print-and-sculpt maestro, Peter Pilotto.

There's still an APB out on Watson's nipples. 

Rumer Willis brought a dazzling showcase of fugly. Hair and dress both rival Lea for instant gag.

I thought Katy Perry has dropped the cartoon act, but her get-up of a Valentino floral dress with a plaited up do, read like a juvenile run through the Austrian hills.

No one is interested in Gothic 'Heidi' (well perhaps a video gaming 35-year-old still living in his parents' basement).

Speaking of central European damsels, anyone need to order anything from the Bavarian dominatrix waitress that is Jennifer Aniston in (pre-Raf) Dior?

Leather frou-frou skirt? No, dear.

And yes, we're all DELIGHTED for you that you're marrying someone less famous for a change.

All there is left to say is that my favourite look of the night was Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin Resort 2013. 

Where Naomi Watts and Emma Stone failed respectively in shirt-like dresses in the past week, Ellen really carried this look which verges on casual. The soft tailoring and cream colour is broken up by a black oval front belt. The plunging neckline with the addition of Jennifer Meyer pendant and a gold box clutch bring this look to an easy, evening place.

And her hair and hemline didn't make me want to vomit. 

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