It's been a good year in the spotlight for Nicole Kidman 2.0, Naomi Watts. Frozen Face's BFF is still climbing up those coat tails and looking at her second Oscar nomination for The Impossible (although Kidders is nominated for two Golden Globes - you can't fight City Hall). But with a good stab all the same at an Academy Award, Naomi still fails to pull up her socks on the red carpet.

The latest in a long line of 'meh' looks, Watts again left much to be desired at the Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala this weekend.

Does this electric blue Roland Mouret dress not look like a tragic series of afterthoughts? Honestly I see that it probably had a cool Asian vibe but seriously the neckline looks tacked together at the last minute due to too-deep a plunge, the cut in the shoulders and waist give her no shape - she literally looks like a department store mannequin. 

The superhero cape fabric is not exactly helping either.

And the shoes. Oh dear, the shoes. 

Tonal Louis Vuitton satin strappy platforms with plexiglass heel. A fine shoe if you are into the klunk, but the effect is lost under the same colour gown and a hiddy hem-job.

Add to all this the fluffy hair. 

She looks like a '70s Playboy mansion party hostess.

Naomi can do better. Her style off the red carpet is divine. She needs a new gay, or set of gays.

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